Visions in Silver

Below is the portfolio of small metal work from Christof (the unknown)

Silver Teardrop Pieces crafted during the first few years of this century were  completed during course work at the University of New Mexico. A number of artifacts took shape as Christof learned the art & honed his skill. All metalwork completed since those early days has either been fully realized in his home workshop or partially with the aid of local casting companies.  Christof continues to refine his craft & complete custom pieces as well as more general works. Some items are fabricated by cutting, hammering, & melting the metal together while others are sculpted in wax to be molded & cast with molten metal that is then & combined with other elements.

About his silver smithing Christof says, “Silversmithing is about letting my imagination flow into solid form. The gift of creation is precious & I am fulfilled each time I complete a piece. Every piece I make is unique. Even when a mold is made, or two pieces are designed similarly, each piece has distinct differences. My metal work is crafted coarsely as a reminder that nothing is perfect & to give each artifact a more rustic feel. Symbols, metals & stones all have their own properties. For this reason, when there is intent behind the creation of a piece, jewelry can have power.”