Christof (the unknown)

aka Christof Deimer is the artist behind Molten Dreams, both the small metal work as well as the site as a whole. Born in 1980 he spent his first years in Germany before returning to New Mexico with his family where he grew up. Christof began learning the craft of silver smithing at the dawn of the century while attending UNM in the year 2000. He graduated from UNM in 2005 with a Bachelors in creative writing and an art studio minor. In 2010 he married a wonderful woman who is his partner in every way; the butterfly to his dragon. For years he worked tech support to support his family and with his children now grown his work has shifted to web content management and technical writing. In his free time he enjoys science fiction, fantasy, and running role-playing games. In the wake of the plague of 2020 he and his partner co-founded the New Mexico Gamers Society to coordinate the local gaming community.

About his silver smithing Christof says,
Silversmithing is about letting my imagination flow into solid form. The gift of creation is precious & I am fulfilled each time I complete a piece. Every piece I make is unique. Even when a mold is made, or two pieces are designed similarly, each piece has distinct differences. My metal work is crafted coarsely as a reminder that nothing is perfect and to give each artifact a more rustic feel. Symbols, metals and stones all have their own properties. For this reason, when there is intent behind the creation of a piece, jewelry can have power.”

To see the work of Christof (the unknown) take a look at his portfolio over in Visions of Silver

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