Gillian H.

About the Artist: Gillian is based out of the land of enchantment, Albuquerque NM, but it took an adventure to get there. Gillian moved around much of her life, got her education at Full Sail with a focus in Character Creation and Design and settled in Albuquerque late 2015. She started working with 2D and 3D Characters in 2012, and as her passions developed she discovered a love for Resin Casting. In mid 2021 she returned to D&D and further propelled her joy of creating Dice and Character creation, helping her focus on creating Dice and Character focused Art. Gillian continues to hone her craft to create high quality, balanced Dice that will stand out within your collection.

From the Creator of StickyPaws Dice:
While Resin casting started out as a hobby, it has become more of an obsession. As I focused on Resin cast dice, custom chonky dice, and Dice themed jewelry, I have realized the joy and spontaneity of each set as they come out of the mold. Each set and singular Dice is hand made from start to finish by me. I have always loved the character design process, and I tend to view each set as their own character. I’m always excited to see how they develop and become their own unique set.”

To see the work of Gillian H. take a look at her portfolio over in Sticky Paws Dice

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